Explore the endless fun in this wonderful Itajome Shibori Class.

Ice Dyeing for the Soul!

Need an exciting quilt back or inspiration for a whole cloth quilt project? Create your own one of a kind 110" x 110" ice dyed shibori panel in this fun and productive class!

Value, value value! It is the key to all of the jaw dropping, eye popping quilts we love! Learn this fun and easy method for dyeing a six shade value gradation.

My first time teaching at this prestigious quilt show!

Dye 24 different color fat quarters out of 3 packets of dye in just a few hours!

Learn the tips and tricks to creating an amazing collection of 22" x 22" ice dyed mandalas.

Learn to wrap, twist and slide the fabric around the pole to get thee beautiful organic Arashi Shibori patterns!

Explore the amazing world of Itajime Shibori in this fun and productive class.

The Las Vegas Quilters Quilt Show! Teaching a great line up of classes!