eQuilter 2019 - Boulder, CO July 11th - Pole Dancing, Arashi Shibori

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Thursday, July 11th, 2019

“Pole Dancing” – Arashi Shibori 

Apx. 6 hour class

Materials Fee - $80 per student includes 3 light weight acrylic poles, squeeze bottles, mixing cups, paint brushes, an assortment of bindings, 3 yards high quality “pfd” fabric, all dye, fixatives, gloves, dust masks and detergent. 

Arashi translates to “Storm”, so expect beautiful organic textures reminiscent of water, trees and lightning. The morning will be spent learning several different ways to push, twist, gather and slide the fabric down the pole. After lunch, we will move outdoors to explore several ways to dye our pole wrap creations. 

Cost: $ 80.00
All fabric, dye, fixatives, detergent, gloves and dust mask, along with a reusable toolkit that contains 3 sizes of high quality acrylic poles!