eQuilter 2019 - Boulder, CO July 14th - Rad Ombre


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Dye all the fabric you can in this class! That’s right! All you can dye! In the morning we will explore Cindy’s fun new Ombre’ the Easy Way method of achieving beautiful light to dark value gradations. After lunch we will learn to blend and merge two colors together to create the perfect color gradation. 

Materials Fee $100.00 per student includes UNLIMITED high quality “pfd” fabric, all dye, fixatives, gloves, dust masks and detergent, mixing cups, squeeze bottles, funnel, and Cindy’s exciting new drip system. 

Cost: $ 100.00
All the high quality "pfd" fabric you can dye, all dye, fixatives, detergent, gloves and dust mask, along with a reusable toolkit that includes squeeze bottles, mixing tools, funnel, and the exciting new Ombre` Drip Rig!