Original Sewing & Quilt Expo 2019 - Fredericksburg, VA - Freezing Your Backsides!

Each student will create their own, unique ice dyed Mega Mandala!

This is where you purchase your materials. They will be waiting for you in class. 

***You must Register for this class with OSQE at http://www.sewingexpo.com/Events/Fredericksburg,VA.aspx

FREEZING YOUR BACKSIDES – Advanced Snow & Ice Fabric Dyeing 

With Cindy Lohbeck


Student Supply List 

Art clothes or apron and comfortable shoes

30 large binder clips

1 plastic tote bin and lid – Approximately 24” x 18” x 6"

Craft scissors

Permanent marker

18” to 24” acrylic ruler

Water soluble fabric marker or fabric marking pencil – medium color

1 or 2 large plastic bag (lawn & garden size) 

Roll of paper towels

Cost: $ 90.00
One high quality "pfd" cotton quilt back, large selection of dye, fixatives, detergent, gloves and dust mask, along with a reusable ice dyeing kit!