DYEHARDS at Home - Rad Ombre`s - Class + Full Kit

Join us for this Live Online Zoom class, and learn many fun and exciting ways to use Cindy's new Drip Rig! 
We will cover light to dark Ombre` the Easy Way, and then kick it up a notch with color to color blends, and radiant Ombre's!

There will be pre-class set up on the Rad Ombre's class private facebook page to help you organize your dye space at home and be prepared for class. There will also be a whole lot of follow up teaching and sharing! 

After editing, and uploading, the video will be posted on the private Facebook page for one month for you to review. 

Order on this page for the Class and Full Kit. The kit is the compact snap together Drip Rig, 3 yards of Cindy's awesome "PFD" fabric precut into 18" x 44" 1/2 yard cuts, 8 colors of dye, all the fixatives and detergent, gloves and mask, a set of 7 reusable squeeze bottles, a mixing cup and funnel. 

There is also a Class and Refill Kit ($100.00) if you already have the Drip Rig, and just need fabric, dye and the fun and camaraderie of a Live Zoom Class! Order the class and Refill kit here!

There is also a Gallery View Class Only ($50.00) option if you already own all of the goodies, or if you would just like to check out the process before you dive in. Order the Gallery View Only Here

Your kits will all be shipped the week of the 17th. 
You will also receive a letter that week with the link to the Facebook Page, the link to the Zoom Meeting, and the super top secret codes to get into it all. 

Student Supply List 

Art clothes or apron and comfortable shoes

2 plastic tote bins and lids – Approximately 24” x 18” x 6”

Craft scissors

Permanent marker

Supply of safety pins

Package of spring type wooden clothes pins

6 to 8 plastic tube hangers 

A place to drip 
dry your fabric

Roll of paper towels

Plastic Stir Spoon

Cost: $ 150.00
This includes the Class Fee and the Full Kit - Drip Rig, 3 yards fabric, 8 colors dye, squeeze bottles, fixatives, detergent, gloves and mask.
DHAH-Ombre-01:   Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Skill Level:beginner