Are you ready for a partners class? 

It is so important to play together, but let's take it slowly!

While it is possible to fold a 108" x 108" Mandala by yourself, it is far easier when you have a buddy! More fun, too! 

Purchasing this entitles one viewer to - 

The Live Zoom Class
Access to the Private Class Facebook Page 
Recorded portions of the class posted for review (folding, dye mixing, etc.) 
One Materials Kit Containing - 

One (108" x 108" high quality quilt back)
Pack of Dye, Soda Ash, Urea, Detergent
Gloves, Mask Rubberbands, 

It assumes you already own 
3 squeeze bottles 
A funnel
The Flexi-Net

Freight is included in this price.

Student Supply List 

Art clothes or apron and comfortable shoes
12 large or 15 medium binder clips (Office Type)
2 plastic tote bins and lid – Approximately 24” x 18” x 6”
1 plastic tote and a bucket or other container to hold the soda ash
Craft scissors
Permanent marker
18” to 24” acrylic ruler
Water soluble fabric marker or fabric marking pencil – medium color
1 large plastic bag (lawn & garden size)
Roll of paper towels
One 10 lb bag of ice. (more on this in the facebook group page)

A large clean table for folding your fabric. 

Cost: $ 120.00
Full Kit, Class and Shipping