Are you ready for a partners class? 

It is so important to play together, but let's take it slowly!

While it is possible to fold a 108" x 108" Mandala by yourself, it is far easier when you have a buddy! More fun, too! 

Purchasing this entitles one viewer to - 

The Live Zoom Class
Access to the Private Class Facebook Page 
Recorded portions of the class posted for review (folding, dye mixing, etc.) 

Materials WILL Not be provided with this option, however, here is a list of what we will use. 

One Materials Kit Containing - 
One (108" x 108" high quality quilt back)
Pack of Dye, Soda Ash, Urea, Detergent
Gloves, Mask Rubberbands, 

It assumes you already own 
3 squeeze bottles 
A funnel
The Flexi-Net

Freight is included in this price.

Student Supply List 

Art clothes or apron and comfortable shoes
12 large or 15 medium binder clips (Office Type)
2 plastic tote bins and lid – Approximately 24” x 18” x 6”
1 plastic tote and a bucket or other container to hold the soda ash
Craft scissors
Permanent marker
18” to 24” acrylic ruler
Water soluble fabric marker or fabric marking pencil – medium color
1 large plastic bag (lawn & garden size)
Roll of paper towels
One 10 lb bag of ice. (more on this in the facebook group page)

A large clean table for folding your fabric. 

Cost: $ 60.00
Class Viewing Only